What Do You Learn in Esthetician School? – 2024 Update Guide

Esthetician schools offer you the studies of learning aesthetics along with the techniques and practical work, which is more clearer words, is the study of skincare and skin treatments.

So, what is an Esthetician? An esthetician is a person who is an expert in providing skincare treatments to clients, which means, they’re professionals in beautifying one’s skin. If you’re a woman, you’d definitely know how important is to take good care of your skin for a healthy and fresh appearance, and estheticians help you achieve that!

You might be wondering what type of treatments can you offer being an esthetician. Well, there’s a lot to that. But on the top of the list are treatments like facials, different techniques of hair removal, doing nails, brows and lashes, and the list goes on for a lot of other skincare techniques.

Where do Estheticians work? You’ll see Estheticians being hired at salons and all types of spas. They also work with dermatologists and other professionals that are into medical practices related to beauty.

What Do Estheticians Study?

Estheticians basically study skin. Their main focus is skincare and what treatments can help their clients get a better appearance. They study methods for skin analysis, techniques to determine the client’s skin type and what it needs or lacks, and identify what treatments can be done to avoid the skin issues that the client is concerned about.

What Do Estheticians Study

Other than these, they also study different beauty products and tools and massaging techniques to help their clients feel better and relaxed whenever their bodies are under stress.

Esthetician School: What Does It Offer?

Whatever program you choose to be in Esthetician school, you get to have training in both theoretical as well as practical learning of esthetics related to your program.

The theoretical learning would include the working of ingredients in products, their chemistry together, physiology, dermatology, etc. While the practical learning would include the skills and you actually performing the procedures of esthetics.

Here are just a few of the many techniques and procedures you’re offered at Esthetician schools.

Various Massage Techniques – Proper training for massage techniques is given to the students. Besides teaching basic massage movements, these classes also cover facial massage, body mechanics, reflexology and its benefits, and lymphatic drainage.

Skin Analysis – Skin analysis is the first step in any skin treatment. So, the students are taught how to analyze skin, which helps them understand skin type, skin conditions, and how to treat them.

Body Techniques for Aging – This part of the study is related to the practice of different body techniques to deal with the phases that your skin would go through while aging and how to manage that.

Type of techniques used here is sunless tanning, face and body masks, etc.

What Do You Learn in Esthetician School

Cosmetic Chemistry – Cosmetic chemistry is related to chemistry and biochemistry. It includes the knowledge of products, such as their physical and chemical properties, how are they effective for what skin types, their pH for a particular skin type or skin condition, and how the skin care treatments and products are affected by all these.

Mask Therapies – Mask therapies are all about masks. Their preparation, effectiveness, application techniques, etc.

Techniques of Hair Removal – Hair removal is one of the very important parts of esthetician study. This study includes factors that are gender specific, proper hair removal techniques precautions in mind, and how to prepare clients before going into any of the procedures.

Medical Esthetics – In addition to learning about physicians’ practices and the various preoperative and postoperative treatments an Esthetician might provide, students also learn about what is a Medical Esthetician and the scope of an Esthetician’s work in a medical office or medical spa.

Makeup – This study is related to the knowledge of makeup application according to the situation and atmosphere, basic principles of colors and their combinations, etc.

Wondering how hard is the Cosmetology school? Well, here’s all you need to learn about Cosmetology and what Cosmetologists do.

Other than all this, Esthetician schools also offer studies and courses related to the importance of Sanitation in Esthetics, clinical practices, knowledge, and use of electrical equipment used, and a lot more.

Getting Into an Esthetician School!

In case you’re planning on getting into an Esthetician school, here are a few things important to know about.

The Cost of Esthetician School

How much does Esthetician School cost?

This greatly depends on whether you go to a public or a private Esthetician school. But a rough estimate for the cost of your Esthetician school is between $3000 to $10,000. The cost would be different depending upon the state, the program you choose, and the duration of the program.

Getting Into an Esthetician School!

In What Ways Can Esthetician Students Pay for School?

Well, Esthetician schools are expensive. So, you need to figure out how to pay for Esthetician school before you get into one.

Here are some methods that students usually opt for, and they’re very helpful and manageable as well.

  • Student loans
  • Scholarships
  • Federal Financial Aids
  • Part-time jobs
  • Parent PLUS loan

The Preparation

While getting into an Esthetician school, it’s not only the exam preparation you should be thinking about. Once you’ve cleared your exam, there’s still a lot more to it. You should know what makes you think of getting into this school, what are your interests, what programs you would be choosing, and above all, how are you going to manage the expenses.

If you’re concerned about how to prepare for Esthetician school, you may read it here in detail.

What Do You Learn in Esthetician School – FAQs

What do estheticians focus on?
Estheticians focus on skincare and its treatments. But it’s not just limited to that. Estheticians are also professionals in facials, body massages, body hair removal treatments, makeup, and all that’s related to beauty and cosmetics.
What qualities make a good Esthetician?
Here are some qualities that make up a good Esthetician. • They must be • Good listeners • Professional in their behavior • Positive towards their clients • Patient and suggestive for clients.
Do Estheticians learn massage?
Yes. They do learn different massage techniques, exfoliation techniques, and a lot more.
Can Estheticians treat disorders of the skin?
Yes. They can. A licensed Esthetician treats the skin for the issues that can be treated without the use of medications, surgery, or advanced medical procedures. An Esthetician and dermatologist can sometimes treat your skin together if a combination of treatments is needed!



Students who are interested in becoming skin care professionals should consider attending Esthetician schools. The curriculum of an Esthetician program typically covers everything from waxing to facials to makeup application.

Furthermore, you will learn how to offer high levels of service and personalization to your customers.

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