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Do you know how hard is cosmetology school? If not yet, then don’t panic! We are here to help you. The students and the school will choose the precise level of difficulty. Your competence as a cosmetologist depends on your aptitude, your communication skills, intelligence, and being a good thinker.

A hands-on learning atmosphere makes cosmetology school a fascinating option for traditional academic institutions. Students who learn best by keen efforts will benefit much from this. To graduate and pass a test for becoming a cosmetologist, you must enroll in a beauty school and pass both the practical and written exams. If you start cosmetology school, you can face some unusual difficulties, but don’t be concerned! We’re available to assist.

We have written this guide to assist you to understand what is cosmetology? And how hard is cosmetology school? So without further ado, let’s get started!

What’s Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study of makeup. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I go to pursue cosmetology if I’m excited to work in the beauty industry?” How about the work that cosmetologists do? A cosmetologist who has earned their license may offer a variety of tasks in the beauty sector since they are trained to enhance skin, nails, and hair.

What’s Cosmetology

Depending on the state and the beauty school, these services might include everything from massages to pedicures to haircuts. Hair, however, is the focus of cosmetology!

What Does A Cosmetologist Do?

If you have a love for hair, you can train to become a cosmetologist and work as a hairdresser. You might train to be a cosmetologist and offer manicures and pedicures if you wish to concentrate just on nails. In reality, the current cosmetics trend may have been created by a cosmetologist. A cosmetologist does the following jobs:

Hair treatment

Hairdressers are the latest trend setters nowadays. They have revolutionized the whole cosmetology industry. They can do the following things:

  • Perms
  • hairstyles
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Straightening
  • Shampooing
  • coloring
  • Bleaching


Additionally, a cosmetologist may assist others in achieving flawless, radiant skin. Would it be better if you concentrated on skin treatment and how to provide your clients with healthy-looking skin? However, qualified cosmetologists may also apply if you’re working toward becoming an esthetician:

  • Tweezing
  • Makeup
  • Skin polish

Nail services

Cosmetologists that are qualified for nail services can perform these tasks:

  • Manicures Gel Nails
  • pedicure
  • Silk Nail
  • Acrylic nails

Is Cosmetology Hard?

Many people believe that studying cosmetology is easy, but that is not the case!  It’s quite difficult to succeed in beauty school. In addition to practicing hairstyles repeatedly, students must prepare for quizzes and examinations and read their textbooks.

How Hard is Cosmetology School

When you are enthusiastic about your profession, all the early mornings and late evenings are worth it. Never accept any assurances that attending beauty school is simple. Beauty school students work hard and are committed.

Online Cosmetology School

If you’re looking for an online and good cosmetology school, we have listed the four best and most affordable cosmetology schools that can make you a future makeup artist:

#1. International Career Institute

Two different online cosmetology degrees are provided by ICI. One in hairdressing and the other in beauty cosmetology and makeup. Both courses are entirely online and are well regarded across the world.

International Career Institute

Both programs are available to help anyone rapidly begin their career as a cosmetologist. Since each of these programs is entirely online and runs 24 or 31 weeks, respectively.

You get contact with your tutor through both of these programs, which are taught by experts in their respective professions. To register in either of them, there are no requirements. The International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC), which recognizes and accredits both programs, also accords widespread recognition of their credentials.

The hairdresser course is thought to be more technical than the other one, which is why it lasts for a bit longer. This is the main distinction between the two programs. You should enroll in the course that most intrigues you because neither requires a prerequisite.

#2. Online Makeup Artist

OMA isn’t only about cosmetics, despite its name. Though the emphasis is on cosmetics, the university offers studies in both makeup and hairstyling. The teachers are makeup artists headquartered in New York who have experience working with both famous individuals and average people.

Online Makeup Artist

The “Elite Career Path,” an all-encompassing course that teaches you how to become a professional cosmetologist and how to promote yourself and succeed as one, is their most intriguing curriculum. Along with the above-stated hairdressing training, there is a master makeup program and an advanced makeup course.

OMA is a great option for anyone who wants to run their own business. With the help of the Elite Career Path program, anybody can learn a skill to the point of expertise and then develop an organization around it.

Overall, these courses are reasonably priced. They provide you with excellent value. After working for a few months, you’ll be capable of recovering your investment. A good move for future beauticians.

#3. The Academy of Nails Design

The Academy of Nails Design is a cosmetology school for nails. This course is ideal for you if you want to learn more about the cosmetology branch related to nail care. The institution is located in Canada, but the majority of states, certain nations in Europe, China, and Australia all formally accept the online certification it offers.

The Academy of Nails Design

On the school’s website devoted to the subject, you may look up the licensing specifications and determine whether you need to take any special steps to obtain a license. The curriculum is quite reasonably priced at $850, and if you subscribe to TAOND’s newsletter, you’ll even get an additional discount.

#4. QC Makeup Academy

Comparing this makeup cosmetology school to the others on the list, it is special. Because spas are for cosmetic purposes alone, managing a spa still closely relates to cosmetology. Instead of concentrating on a single job, you will be more interested in the client’s wellbeing.

QC Makeup Academy

You must nonetheless be completely knowledgeable about the numerous therapies and choose which ones are most advantageous for your clientele. In addition to training you as a salon/spa entrepreneur, this curriculum provides you with a great base in the many fields of cosmetology.

If you wish to run your beauty salon and are more engaged in the theoretical aspect of cosmetology, this school is great.

Cosmetology School Requirements

Do you know how to get into beauty school? If you want to learn cosmetology then you should have to fulfill a few requirements:

#1. Student age

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Many times, they accept trainees who are 16 years old or older. Nobody is ever too old to change jobs, in our opinion at Evergreen Beauty College. At any age, the quest for knowledge may be enjoyable and empowering.

#2. Fill the application

All incoming students are urged to complete an online application. You will be contacted by a member of the admissions staff, and you may need to submit more paperwork.

#3. Pass the assessment exam

As a post-secondary institution, Evergreen Beauty College requires applicants to hold a high school diploma or a GED to attend. Computer proficiency is typically evaluated via assessment exams. Because some of your school’s coursework is given online, students must be able to use a computer. To pass the assessment test, students must receive a — a low in each section.

Cosmetology School Requirements - Pass the assessment exam

#4. Aid in money

Your eligibility for several programs offered by Evergreen’s financial assistance office may be determined. The processes will be explained to you by our advisers, who will also assist you in appealing for the money you require to pay for lessons. Financial programs are:

  • private and federal loans
  • Grants
  • Work retraining funds
  • Monthly payment options
  • Scholarships
  • Industry salon
  • Spa-sponsored programs

#5. Expectations with students

Students who are studying cosmetology full-time should anticipate attending meetings five times each week. The cosmetology course will be completed in 1,600 clock hours with attendance from full-time students.

Cosmetology Students

To study to be a beautician you must have a talent for cutting, makeup, coloring, or styling hair. The cosmetology students must possess these skills:

#1. To communicate with the client

Cosmetologists need to be excellent at providing excellent customer service, which includes being courteous, friendly, and attentive to customers. Additionally important is your ability to properly listen to and interact with your clients. Customers sometimes express dissatisfaction with a haircut or hairstyle because the hairdresser didn’t try to grasp what they desired.

Spend some time learning about the hairdo that your customer wants. Invite them to bring sample images so you may browse over them together. Discuss this properly and nicely without being aggressive if you don’t believe that a certain haircut will complement your client’s characteristics or hair type. Invent new concepts.

#2. Getting new ideas

You may learn a variety of hairstyling methods in cosmetology school. You also can learn which general hair and facial forms and styles go together, but originality cannot be taught.

Cosmetology Students - Getting new ideas

You must be passionate about making different hairstyling, and unique makeup if you’re a cosmetology student. Don’t be scared to be inventive as your technical skills advance. Play around with combining well-known approaches in novel ways or coming up with your own. Look to celebrities, style icons, models, and your client’s tastes for ideas.

#3. Knowledge of new fashion

Because styles and trends change so frequently, hair design is always intriguing. Hair stylists need to stay current on trends and fashions. This entails knowing the latest hair trends as well as knowing how to correctly wear them.

Before learning new hair trends, you might need to practice using a new tool or product. This is a fun procedure if you have a passion for hair design.

#4. Willingness to develop

You should always strive to get better, no matter how great you get as a hairstylist. Attend classes to brush up on your skills or learn some new ones. Use cutting-edge equipment and goods in your experiments. You’ll never be bored as long as you’re improving in your field.

How Hard is Cosmetology School – FAQs

What are the 3 disadvantages of being a cosmetologist?
Low pay, lengthy hours, and tough clients are a few drawbacks of working as a cosmetologist.
What are hard skills in cosmetology?
● Physical stamina. ● Manual dexterity. ● Time management skills. ● Problem-solving ability. ● Commitment to learning
Can you be successful as a cosmetologist?
Yes, you can! By learning cosmetology, and getting all the skills of cosmetologists.
How do you know if cosmetology is right for you?
Cosmetology is right for you only if you have an interest in cosmetics, hair styling, hair coloring, etc.
How is math used in cosmetology?
To find the exact percentage or ratio or hair color, the angle for cutting cosmologists used math!



To summarize, we have discussed in detail how hard is cosmetology school. We hope that now you have got your answer and learned everything that you want to know about cosmetology and also about cosmetology schools, and many more.

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