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Top 10 Esthetician Schools in Michigan – 2022 Best Schools

Michigan is a northern state, which means the winters can be brutal! We are all aware of the necessity of skin care in all seasons.

A profession as an esthetician could be right for you if you’re passionate about it. There are some of the greatest accredited esthetician Schools in Michigan, and they can educate you on all you need to know about working as a skincare professional through their apprenticeship programs.

Whether you want to become a medical esthetician or a local esthetician, you’ll need to enroll in a school that will prepare you professionally to affect how much money you make in the state. You’ll agree with me that the sort of school you attend has a significant impact on how much money you can earn as an Esthetician in Michigan.

However, before you can work as an esthetician in a beauty establishment, you must first complete the necessary training. The only method to do so is to attend the best esthetician school in Michigan that has been accepted and accredited by the state’s board of estheticians.

We’ve compiled a list of the top esthetician schools in Michigan to assist you in making your decision. To make your decision even easier, we’ve listed the esthetician training programs offered at each Michigan institution.

Students interested in becoming medical estheticians or working as local skin care specialists in Michigan can attend these institutions.

Can you get an esthetician license online?

In comparison to esthetician school offline, esthetician school online offers more medical-based coursework.

Students contemplating online aesthetics degrees must evaluate a number of criteria before making a decision. There are presently no recognized aesthetics programs available online in the United States. Some institutions offer combination programs that enable the students to finish theoretical work while studying aesthetics; however, aesthetics demands hands-on experience. Throughout the United States, community colleges, nursing schools, and cosmetology schools offer a variety of aesthetic programs.

How to become an esthetician in Michigan?

Following these steps will help you qualify for an esthetician license from the Michigan Cosmetology Licensing Division: A 400-hour esthetician training program is required.

  • Submit an initial application for licensure and examination.
  • Pass the Written and Practical State-board Exams In Michigan to begin your profession as an esthetician.
  • Biannually renew your license

How to become a nail tech in Michigan?

You don’t have to be a vocalist to get a manicurist license from the Michigan Board of Cosmetology, but you must follow these instructions:

  • Obtain your nail technician education or gain experience to qualify.
  • Examinable application for Michigan Manicurist Licensure Exams for Nail Technicians must be passed.
  • Maintain Your Michigan Nail Technician License by Exploring Professional Options

Michigan job opportunities for estheticians

Estheticians are in great demand nowadays. People are hiring estheticians for their salons and spas. Estheticians are also working in clinics. There are countless opportunities for the estheticians. You can click on the link to find the best esthetician job for you.

10 Best Esthetician Schools in Michigan

1. Brighton Institute of Cosmetology – Best Manicurists

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $15,000
Kit Cost: $1,085.
Address: 10543 Citation Dr, Brighton, MI 48116
Phone: (810) 229-5066
Duration of the program: 12 months
Financial Aid: N/A

The outlook of the students who are studying at Brighton Institute of Cosmetology is multidimensional, and it is seen that they have a job placement record of 95%. The Brighton Institute’s strong reputation and links with local salons give students a sense of security about their job after obtaining the esthetics degree.

Brighton Institute of Cosmetology

The main purpose of the institution is to focus on the hands-on training of the students for the state cosmetology exam, and it is on records that in 2014 all the students who completed their cosmetology program had passed the state exam and were provided with licenses.

How much is Brighton institute of cosmetology?

The cost of attending Brighton Institute of Cosmetology varies on qualification and ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, with a median cost of $16,000.

Is Brighton institute of cosmetology legit?

Yes, Brighton institute of cosmetology is 100% legit and its degree is acceptable worldwide.

2. David Pressley School of Cosmetology – Best for Makeup

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $14,150
Kit Cost: $850
Address: 1127 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067, United States
Phone: +1 248-548-5090
Duration of the program: 12 months
Financial Aid: Available 

The school that we are going to discuss now is David Pressley School. This cosmetology school has two branches and obviously it is a great benefit for cosmetology students. A student has to complete 1,500 hours of instruction over the course of the 21-week program.

David Pressley School of Cosmetology

You will kight notice that the course duration of this school is shorter as compared to the other esthetic schools. So, completing the requisite hours throughout the course of the 21-week term will provide you with a genuinely immersive experience.

The David Pressley School also aids students in providing job placement and has a very high record of pupils who put in jobs following graduation.

Does David Pressley school of cosmetology offer part-time classes?

You’ll learn the most up-to-date hair, skin, and nail care practices, as well as cosmetics application techniques. They offer cosmetology school evening sessions as well as day classes at David Pressley to accommodate any schedule.

Do David Pressley’s school of cosmetology makeup?

The David Pressley School of Cosmetology offers practical cosmetology instruction. Hair care and style, manicures, skincare products, and makeup are all covered in our complete program.

3. Dorsey School of Beauty – Best for cosmetology Training

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $19,500
Kit Cost: Included in tuition costs
Address: 23125 Ecorse Rd, Taylor, MI 48180, United States
Phone: +1 313-291-2177
Duration of the program: 12 months
Financial Aid: Available 

The Dorsey School of Beauty is one of the excellent esthetics schools. It provides overall esthetics training as well as the chance to work in a competitive environment under the guidance of a certified cosmetologist. The DSB will assist you not just with your schooling but also with job placement. After completing the program, the DCB’s career services assist each student in finding work.

Dorsey School of Beauty

They’ll also assist you in writing a very attractive and competitive resume, discussing efficiency in the usage of tools and new ideas that makes you distinguish from other competitors.

Is Dorsey an accredited college?

The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education has granted Dorsey School of Business Inc., doing business as Dorsey College, accreditation (COE).

Who owns Dorsey Schools?

Dorsey Business Schools and its four Southeast Michigan locations have been sold to a New York/Massachusetts investment company combination. Dennis and Sandra Stockemer, who had operated Dorsey since 1985, sold the school to Quad Ventures of New York City and Wellesley, Massachusetts for an unknown sum.

4. L’esprit Academy Royal Oak – best for Salon services

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $15,600
Kit Cost: $2,410
Address: 501 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067
Phone: (734) 762-0200
Duration of the program: 10 months
Financial Aid: N/A

Going inside L’esprit Academy is like entering a new and modern salon, with its sleek and modern décor. This salon serves two branches i.e; Livonia and Royal Oak. If you are thinking about taking admission to this institute, you’ll be responsible for providing salon services to clients while being supervised by your professors, and trust me this is the best thing about it. You get hands-on experience by working with towering personalities.

L'esprit Academy Royal Oak

L’esprit Academy says that its curriculum may help you become a cosmetologist in less than a year, but one of the most appealing features is L’esprit’s part-time cosmetology school. Most salons only offer full-time training, but if you want to work while studying, you might want to look into the school’s part-time program. L’esprit also takes GI Bill benefits to help ex-service members with their financial obligations.

Once you’ve graduated, the academy will assist you in finding a salon in your neighborhood that is interested in hiring a freshly licensed cosmetologist through their job placement program.

Does l’esprit academy royal oak cover financial aid?

THOSE WHO QUALIFY MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, which can take many forms. Federal grants are monies from the government that you do not have to repay. L’esprit Academy allows users to pay for their education in interest-free monthly payments.

Is l’esprit academy royal oak accredited?

L’esprit is proud to provide a NACCAS-accredited branch campus in Royal Oak. Our Royal Oak location is a two-story, 7,000-square-foot structure that combines an urban, innovative, and elegant environment with the L’esprit Academy’s superior curriculum.

5. Marketti Academy of Cosmetology – Best for Aesthetics

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $13,800
Kit Cost: $950
Address: 4390 Dixie Hwy, Waterford Twp, MI 48329
Phone: (248) 618-6394
Duration of the program: 14 months
Financial Aid: N/A

According to the school’s website, it maintains small class sizes “to provide students with greater individual attention,” according to the school’s website. You may feel confident that you’re developing the abilities you’ll need to be successful in cosmetology with proper concentration.

Marketti Academy of Cosmetology

Not only that, but Marketti’s program provides you with the basic and advanced skills of salon management so you’ll be ready to open or run your salon and spas.

You’ll have the option of choosing between full-time and part-time programs. They make sure about each student’s success, and it is on record that the majority of students completed their degrees on time.

If the expense of the program is preventing you from enrolling, don’t worry Marketti offers VA benefits as well as a stipend for students who demonstrate financial need.

What does Marketti academy of cosmetology offer?

Marketti has cosmetology, aesthetics, manicure services, and cosmetology training programs.

Is Marketti academy of cosmetology accredited?

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences has granted us accreditation (NACCAS).

6. Michigan College of Beauty Monroe – Best for Hairstyling

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $13,671
Kit Cost: $2,229
Address: 1020 S Monroe St, Monroe, MI 48161
Phone: (734) 241-8877
Duration of the program: 13 months
Financial Aid: Available 

The Michigan College of Beauty’s clean, polished appearance will force you to learn about the fundamentals of esthetics. Students here will learn the management and many other skills of the Pivot Point cutting system through their recommended curriculum.

Michigan College of Beauty Monroe

They held an annual hair show in the spring season that allows students to show off their talents and participate with other cosmetology students. The positive thing is that all the earnings go to charity.

Furthermore, because the school places a heavy emphasis on state licensure exam preparation so the passing rate is not 100%. They can assist you with career counseling through the college’s infrastructure of salons and spas when you complete your degree here.

How much is cosmetology school cost in Michigan?

Furthermore, the average cost of tuition for the top-ten cosmetology schools in Michigan is only $14,982, so you won’t have to take out significant loans to pay for your study.

Who owns Michigan College of Beauty?

Dagenais, Armand Mr. Armand, a hairstylist and salon owner, committed himself to giving newcomers to the beauty profession the greatest possible education. The State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology has given Michigan College of Beauty its license.

Is Michigan college of beauty accredited?

Yes. The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences has given Michigan College of Beauty its approval (NACCAS).

7. Nuvo College of Cosmetology – Best for Barbering

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $11,450
Kit Cost: $1,500
Address: 919 W Norton Ave, Norton Shores, MI 49441
Phone: (231) 799-1500
Duration of the program: 10 months
Financial Aid: N/A

The Nuvo College’s curriculum is quite short which allows students to efficiently go for the esthetic profession. You can become a hairstylist, makeup artist, or manicurist. , After graduation, Nuvo College aids each student with job placement by connecting them with some tp notch salons and spas that are open in your area.

Nuvo College of Cosmetology

Nuvo College is also quite involved in the local community charity programs. The school collects raises some amount to give as a charity to underprivileged people. The college also holds a hair show, food drive, and baked goods sale, and the students and staff team adopts a family throughout the Christmas season to help them buy gifts, food, and a tree.

What does Nuvo college of cosmetology do?

Our mission at Nuvo College of Cosmetology is to deliver high-quality education in the practical skills required for licensing and employment in the area of cosmetology, such as business skills, customer service, retailing, and communications.

Does Nuvo college of cosmetology cover financial aid?

They offer a financing plan for everyone at Nuvo College. They are eligible for federal financial aid, and there are grants and loans available to assist individuals who qualify in affording the program of their choice.

8. P&A Scholars Beauty School – Best for Nail Art

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $16,500
Kit Cost: $1,000
Address: 12001 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48204
Phone: (313) 933-9393
Duration of the program: 12 months
Financial Aid: Available 

You’ll master not only the fundamentals of hair styling, facials, and makeup application through the P&A Scholars Beauty School program but also you will learn about the business management ideas. Learning about the business side of cosmetology is beneficial for any cosmetologist, particularly if your goal is to open or manage your own salon or spa.

Esthetician Schools In Michigan - P&A Scholars Beauty School

However, it isn’t the only benefit of the curriculum; the school also offers its own strategic implementation, earning it another accolade. P&A has two branches i.e; Detroit and Ferndale. P&A’s career guidance and job placement assistance can help you find your first cosmetology job once you’ve decided on the appropriate location for you.

What do P&A scholar’s beauty schools offer?

P&A Scholars is a beauty school in Detroit, Michigan. This institution provides two programs that prepare students for the Michigan Cosmetology License and the Michigan Master Cosmetologist License.

Is P&A scholars beauty school accredited?

P&A Scholars is a nationally certified NACCAS accredited institution that provides high standards for educational excellence, distinguishing it distinct from its competitors.

9. Princess Beauty School – Best for Hairstyling

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $13,650
Kit Cost: $1,100
Address: 25861 Ford Rd # 1, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Phone: (313) 274-5544
Duration of the program: 15 months
Financial Aid: N/A

When you enter Princess Beauty School everything is extraordinary there. It has modern decor, mirror work, and colors all over there. This school offers a 60-week comprehensive cosmetology program that will teach you the fundamentals of the industry.

Princess Beauty School

Princess Beauty School provides job placement assistance after graduation, which is a very useful service. Your teachers can help you find a salon where you’ll enjoy working as a hairstylist or makeup artist.

Is princess beauty school legit?

YES, Princess Beauty School is a legit school but there is a mixed opinion of people. It has a very low rating on the internet.

10. Douglas J Aveda Institute

Website Visit Here
Tuition Fee: $8,600
Kit Cost: $1,800
Address: 25861 Ford Rd # 1, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Phone: (313) 274-5544
Duration of the program: 6 months
Financial Aid: Available 

The Aveda Institute is well-known for its skin-care treatments and products all around the world, so it’s only logical that the Ann Arbor location joins our list of best Michigan aesthetics schools.

This Aveda facility, like the majority of Aveda sites, takes VA payments from qualified veterans. Graduates have very little student debt when they leave. When they do, a professional support program is ready to assist them in finding work in the field.

Douglas J Aveda Institute

Is Douglas j Aveda Institute accredited?

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences has granted Douglas J Aveda Institute accreditation (NACCAS). The United States Department of Education recognizes NACCAS as a national accrediting agency for cosmetology arts and sciences, electrology, and massage postsecondary institutions and programs.

Does Douglas j Aveda institute cover financial aid?

All Douglas J campuses take advantage of the Federal Direct Student Loan and Pell Grant programs. Pell Grants, subsidized and unsubsidized student loans are available to qualified students, and parents of dependent students can qualify for the PLUS loan.

Is Douglas j Aveda institute good?

YES, Douglas j Aveda is an excellent school with good ratings.

Esthetician Schools in Michigan – FAQs

How much is a beauty school in Michigan?
Furthermore, the average cost of tuition for the top-ten cosmetology schools in Michigan is only $14,982, so you won’t have to take out significant loans to pay for your study.
Do you need an esthetician license to do eyelash extensions in Michigan?
To perform lash extensions in Michigan, you’ll need a cosmetology or aesthetics license.
How long is esthetician school in Michigan?
To become a licensed Esthetician in the state of Michigan, you must complete at least 400 hours of training, either in a recognized cosmetology school or as an apprentice for at least 6 months at a licensed cosmetology establishment that provides skin services.
How do I get lash certified in Michigan?
● Get Your Cosmetology Training And Education ● Submit An Examination Application. ● Pass Your Cosmetology Examinations And Receive Your License ● Practical ● Theory ● Renew Your Cosmetology License ● Eyelash Extension Training Programs.
Can I do lashes with a certificate in Michigan?
To get your license in 2022, you’ll need 400 hours of training (or 6 months as an apprentice) and pass the Michigan Board of Cosmetology exam. You’re now ready to start beautifying your clients with beautiful lash extensions!



When looking for the best or top esthetician schools in Michigan for esthetician programs, the cost of tuition is a major factor to consider. Believe me when I say that the price of an esthetician school will determine whether or not you will be taught.

The average cost of tuition at Michigan nonmedical and medical esthetician programs is $6,266.

This is a fantastically low-cost option that is still readily available. However, we recommend that you go to the school’s website to find out the actual cost specifications.

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