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The 8 Best Esthetician Schools in Florida For 2024

Becoming an Esthetician wasn’t a very popular thought a couple of years back. But now, it’s growing just like any other profession. So, you have a good chance of getting into this newly emerging field related to beauty and cosmetology.

Even though there’s a lot of work being done related to Esthetics, you won’t find these professions named ‘Estheticians’ in Florida. They’re mostly known as the ‘specialists’, of whatever field of interest they’ve specialized in. For example, an esthetician in Florida who has specialized in facial treatments would be known as a ‘facial specialist’.

In case you’re interested and want to study esthetics, you’ll find some of the best esthetician schools in Florida. You can opt for the physical esthetician institutes, or you may also register yourself for online esthetician schools in Florida.

Many of you might also be concerned about esthetician licenses in Florida, but you might not be very happy with the fact that Florida doesn’t provide licenses for esthetician areas. However, you do get registrations which do work like licenses in many ways.


When you’re specializing in a particular program, institutes do make a huge difference. And so, we’re here with a few top esthetician schools in Florida that you might want to consider pursuing your esthetician career.

  1. Academy of Cosmetology
  2. Beauty and Health Institute
  3. American Institute of Beauty
  4. Beauty Academy of South Florida
  5. Boca Beauty Academy
  6. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers
  7. Florida College of Natural Health
  8. Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty

1. Academy of Cosmetology

This institute is a special recommendation for those who are looking for an affordable option with a higher value in Florida. Academy of Cosmetology charges less tuition fee ($2199) as compared to other esthetician schools. While being a student here, you’ll learn things in a proper sequence, starting from the basic techniques of esthetical procedures and then moving towards practicing them on clients.

Academy of Cosmetology

All types of skincare techniques such as facials masks, body relaxing techniques such as massages, and other body treatments are taught here.

An amazing thing about being at this beauty school is that you can register yourself for day or evening classes; whatever is more feasible for you. Moreover, they also offer scholarships and financial aid to the students who qualify for these. Students are also able to receive VA benefits and career counseling from the school.

2. Beauty and Health Institute

This one’s another affordable institute to get admission into. Its tuition fee charges ($4500) are less than the average tuition cost in Florida. It offers excellent esthetician programs with knowledgeable instructors. From teachers to administrative staff, everyone here is incredible.

Beauty and Health Institute

A community-minded school, the Beauty and Health Institute offers students the chance to take part in fashion and beauty shows raising funds for local charities. Not only that, but students can also continue to specialize in their particular program of interest related to the study of Esthetics if they want to expand their practices.

Furthermore, you get to have options for joining full-time programs as well as part-time programs. That’s a great thing for the people who work or study for half of the day. For the remaining half, they can still manage their practice as an esthetician. Benefits for veterans are also provided here.

3. American Institute of Beauty

American Institute of Beauty is much more popular as it is Florida’s first school dedicated to Matrix CRAFT methodology. This Esthetician school is a lot more than just a beauty school. They provide educational programs with a lot of practice to transform their students into well-trained and licensed professionals in the field of Esthetics.

American Institute of Beauty

The major programs offered here include Nail Technology, Cosmetology, Skin Care and Clinical Skin Care, and Master Barbering as well. There are further a lot of programs that fall under these major categories.

Not only this, the instructors at the American Institute of Beauty are given professional Matrix training to make sure their students have exceptional skills and techniques to stay updated with the new market trends and become more successful in the beauty industry of Esthetics.

4. Beauty Academy of South Florida

This school is a bit on the expensive side but totally worth going to if you can afford the expenses. It has its locations in Hialeah Gardens and Miami.

Beauty Academy of South Florida

The Beauty Academy also hosts beauty shows for a variety of charities in Florida, so you can get involved in your community as well while you’re learning and practicing. Besides learning practical beauty techniques, you’ll also contribute to the community as a volunteer.

Furthermore, among the many things we absolutely love about this school is the fact that it provides free transportation to the students. Veteran benefits are also accepted at the school.

5. Boca Beauty Academy

Boca Beauty Academy is one of the best and top esthetician schools situated in the sunny Boca Raton on Beverly Hills of Southeast, Florida. Boca Beauty is a nationally recognized institution for higher learning that specializes in the beauty and wellness sectors.

Boca Beauty Academy

This excellent institution is widely accredited as the Harvard of beauty schools as they provide an abundance of top job placement opportunities to their graduates and lifelong alumni.

Boca Beauty School is a Vidal Sassoon and partner institute which is one of only 16 in the whole United States, so you can imagine when you enroll here what a great deal you will let yourself in for. It has been a leader in education for the past 60 years.

To furtherly pump you up for this school let me tell you that Boca Beauty is also officially selected by the well-known and acknowledged leaders of the beauty industry such as Mac, OPI, and MATRIX.

6. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

Next up is the Hollywood Institute of beauty careers which will teach you how to make people feel good. If you don’t have to find your passion and don’t know what you are good at then this is your destination to learn all about yourself and what you are capable of.

Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

At Hollywood Institute the instructors use the pivot point partners school method of education which will allow you to explore your creativity while learning the most innovative techniques in the beauty industry.

They have a variety of programs to offer which mainly include, the Barber program, Electrology, Cosmetology, massage therapy, skincare, laser hair removal, nail technology, and many more.

This institute will not only help train you to become an expert in health beauty and wellness but will also assist with career placement through their career services department which will ensure that you have the best chance at getting the job you want after graduation.

7. Florida College of Natural Health

If you have decided on a profession in massage therapy or skin care and want to become an expert and develop your skills, then Florida College of Natural Health is where your search ends.

Florida College of Natural Health

They have a total of three campuses in Florida which has increased their popularity nationally and has made access for more people to this institute easier.

No matter which field you are passionate about and want to learn skills of weather massage therapy or want to become an esthetician to aid people in getting the most flawless and beautiful skin, here in this institute the instructor will help you to master the greatest and latest techniques.

The Florida College graduates are aggressively enlisted every year for roles in the best salons, resorts, spas, cruise ships, and medical practices all overseas and in the United States.

8. Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty

If you are looking for a career in the growing beauty industry, then look no further than the Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty!

Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty

Palm Beach Academy of Health and beauty is a top school in Florida that offers multiple programs and also teaches technique and precision, just having those skills along with the basics will make you a better stylist.

Here you will get real live feedback from professionals on how better you have got. The head and instructors of this institute are outstanding and will help you learn and be passionate about achieving your dreams.

The programs which are taught here will give you the skills which you need to start a career you love. Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty offers the finest education and training in the fields of Nail Technician, Cosmetology, Natural Hair Braiding, Barber, and Full Specialist.

Esthetician Schools in Florida – FAQs

How much does esthetician school cost in Florida?
This greatly depends on whether you go to a public or a private Esthetician school. But a rough estimate for the cost of your Esthetician school is between $3000 to $10,000. The cost would be different depending upon the state, the program you choose, and the duration of the program.
What does esthetician school consist of?
Esthetician school studies include learning about the different face and body treatments, such as massages, application of masks, makeup, skincare, hair removal techniques and procedures, and aromatherapy treatments.
What are estheticians allowed to do in Florida?
Being an Esthetician in Florida, you’ll be able to provide different face and body treatments at salons and spas, dermatological services at clinics, skincare regimens and massages at different skincare centers, and a lot more related to makeup and cosmetology as well.
What is a master esthetician in Florida?
Master Estheticians are able to perform a larger variety of services than standard estheticians due to their advanced training in esthetics.
Do you need a license to wax eyebrows in Florida?
Yes, to offer your clients any kind of face and body treatments, including the waxing of eyebrows or other hair, you must have a license issued from the Florida Board of Cosmetology.



All these institutes offer programs that provide both theoretical as well as practical knowledge with the help of excellent instructors and professional tools. Students, after completing a particular program, would be able to get a job in their respective field or even start up their own business as well.

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