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What is a Medical Esthetician? [Learn from a Skincare Pro]

A qualified medical esthetician is a skin care specialist who specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Unlike cosmetologists, who focus on the use of cosmetics and practice in a medical environment only occasionally, medical estheticians are distinct. While cosmetologists and aestheticians both apply cosmetics and perform beauty services, the knowledge of …

How Long does it Take to Become an Esthetician? [2024 Guide]

In today’s world, where women strive to achieve perfection in every aspect, especially in their appearance, the role of estheticians becomes increasingly vital. These skin care specialists are dedicated to helping people maintain and enhance their skin’s health and beauty through various treatments. Estheticians study a variety of skincare products, …

How Much Does Esthetician School Cost? – A Complete Guide

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate of skincare professionals, also known as estheticians, is expected to be 40% between 2012 and 2024. This is quicker than the national average for all occupations, indicating that persons with esthetician training will have a lot of work options …