Online Esthetician Schools & Courses Guide

Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, it has never been easier to take esthetician classes online. When looking to complete an esthetician program online, it is important to realize that no program can fully be completed in an online environment.

Due to the nature of esthetician training, you will be required to complete some hands on experience such as an internship in a salon to complete your esthetician license online. Each state sets its own standards on what is required to become an esthetician and the program you choose will need to fit these criteria.

Becoming an esthetician online can take anywhere from a few months to two years, depending on the online esthetics school you choose.

Types of Programs Offered For Estheticians

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There are three different avenues to completing an online esthetician program, they include certificate, diploma, and associate degree. The program you choose will depend on the level of education you are seeking as well as your intended career path. Certificate programs focus mainly on general education and techniques used in skin care. Diplomas will focus more on theory and associate degrees will cover natural sciences and medical esthetician lessons.

When choosing one of these online esthetician school options it will also be important to understand the different types of estheticians and which you may be interested in. Those types include skin care specialists, medical estheticians, hair removal experts, and makeup artists.

Which program you choose to study will depend on what type of career path you want to take. For example, some jobs as a medical esthetician may require you to complete an associate’s degree, even though most other jobs will only require a certificate or diploma.

Benefits of Taking an Esthetician Course Online

There are several benefits to be had from taking your esthetician training online. One of the biggest is the lower costs associated with online learning. While online courses are not free, they are generally far more affordable than attending classes on-location.

online esthetician coursesAnother benefit often associated with taking esthetician courses online (or any online course for that matter), is the ability to work at your own pace.

Generally, online esthetician courses will be formatted into models to be completed week by week at a pace determined by the student. This is the preferred learning format for many people and is one of the reasons online education has gained so much popularity over the years.

Finally, because you will be completing your esthetician certificate online, it will also save you time since you will not have to drive (or walk) back and forth to brick and mortar class rooms. Studying from the comfort and convenience of your own home is far more relaxing than going to classes and gives you the opportunity to work towards your certification without ever having to leave your living room.

Schools that Provide Esthetician Certification Online

online esthetician coursesThere are many schools that offer online esthetician courses. The following is a list of just a few of those schools. Remington College, Steiner Education Group, Westside Tech, West Tennessee Business College, West Georgia Technical College, W Academy of Salon and Spa, Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology, VICI Aveda Institute, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, and University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts.

These schools offer a wide variety in esthetician online degrees, diplomas, and certificates. All of these schools also frequently receive excellent marks and are widely considered to be excellent choices for those pursuing an esthetician certification.

When choosing any school, it is important to consider how the school is perceived by those who will be choosing to hire you. Attending an established school with a good reputation, even if it is an online school, is an important choice in boosting your career.

Process for Learning in an Esthetician Training Online Course

When taking online esthetics courses, you will encounter many different aspects of study. It is often the case that you will first take theory classes which will range in topics including: deep cleansing, facial massage, masks, day and evening make up application, make up for men, manicure and pedicures.

Esthetician online classes will also cover a range of practical aspects which include skin care, hair removal, make up, and body treatments. Skin care will often include facials, recognizing skin issues, microdermabrasion, peels, scrubs, and acne treatments and prevention.

Hair removal will include areas such as, waxing, threading, sugaring, depilation, and electrolysis. Make up will include application, removal, permanent makeup options, and microdermabrasion. Finally, body treatments would include, peels, scrubs, and head and neck massages.

When attending esthetician school online courses, students will often find themselves attending webinars, viewing videos, reading textbooks at the assigned pace, completing class assignments, participating in class discussions, and completing some practical element in which the student is assigned a specific task by the professor to complete which the professor grades.

It is also important to realize that you will most likely be required to complete some sort of practical internship in order to receive your degree, diploma, or certificate. These internships cannot be completed online, so it is important to do research ahead of time and start lining up internship opportunities near you.

Cost of Participating in an Esthetician Program Online

 esthetician online classesThe cost of attending esthetician schools online varies greatly depending on the type of school one chooses. It is generally accepted that technical colleges, vocational schools, and community colleges will be the cheapest route. These options will range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to approximately two thousand dollars in tuition.

On the more expensive end of the scale would be private schools which can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars in tuition. It is possible that some will find the quality of education at a private school worth the increase in price but others will be quite alright with public school training. It is up to the individual which learning environment, and price tag works best for them.

Students will also do well to remember that tuition will not be the only cost involved with taking esthetician online classes. There will also be the cost of books as well as the cost of materials involved in the practical aspects of the course. Depending on courses, books can range anywhere from one hundred to one thousand dollars.

Books may also be free depending on whether or not the particular school provides their own materials. Some schools will offer pre-made kits for purchase which will include all the materials a student will need while others will provide a list of the materials a student needs to buy. Depending on quantity and quality of product, a student could expect to spend as little as eighty dollars to around five hundred dollars or more in materials.

Even though taking classes online is usually much cheaper than attending a school on-location, the costs should still be carefully considered, especially when you are deciding which school you want to attend. The school’s reputation and the quality of the education they offer is certainly important, but keep in mind that the school with the most expensive tuition is not necessarily the greatest option.

Requirements for Enrolling in an Esthetician Course Online

The requirements to take esthetician online classes are not terribly difficult. To register for classes it is generally required that you have a high school diploma or GED and be at least sixteen years of age. It is important to note that students will readily benefit from having basic competency in reading and mathematics.

Each and every state will vary when it comes to educational requirements and licensing requirements for estheticians. It will be important for you to contact the licensing board of whatever state you plan to practice in to determine what those are and insure your selected program will meet those requirements.

A little online research can also be valuable in helping you find out what requirements are necessary to be a practicing esthetician in your specific state. Finally, it will be important that you have reliable access to a web capable electronic device such as a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet as well as reliable access to the internet in order to complete your classes.

Top 5 Online Esthetician Schools

Find the best Esthetician School in your Area:

Remington College

Remington College is a common name used by all 16 campuses of a group of United States non-profit, post-secondary educational institutions. Remington College operates 16 campuses in several US states. Some of the affiliated institutions have been in operation since the 1940s.

The oldest campus is the former Spencer Business College in Lafayette, Louisiana, founded in 1940. The newest campus is in Columbia, South Carolina. Remington College is headquartered in Heathrow, Florida.

Remington College offers degree and diploma programs that vary by campus in career fields that include business, information technology, criminal justice, electronics, graphic arts, beauty, and the health sciences, as well as a renowned program for estheticians. If you are looking for a well-recognized school with an established reputation then Remington College is a great choice to consider when choosing an online esthetician school.

Steiner Education Group

worldwide provider of spa services

Steiner Education Group is a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure Limited, a worldwide provider of spa services. Steiner Leisure Limited operates more than 200 spas and salons on cruise ships and at locations worldwide. Steiner’s land-based spas include resort spas, urban hotel spas, and day spas.

Steiner Education Group operates schools at 31 campuses in 14 states that train and qualify spa professionals for health and beauty positions within the Steiner family of companies and with thousands of employers worldwide. The Steiner companies entered the skin care industry in England more than one hundred years ago, in 1901, when Henry Steiner created his own brand of Apothecary products for hair and skin.

His son, Herman Steiner, expanded the business, operating salons all across England and on several cruise ships. Today, Steiner Leisure Limited is a global provider of spa services and operations, a manufacturer and distributor of premium skin, body and hair care products, and an educator teaching students the skills necessary to be spa professionals, including massage therapy and skin care.

Aveda Institutes

 from hairstylist to salon ownerThere are 65 Aveda Institutes worldwide that offer courses in Cosmetology, Esthiology/Skin Care, Massage Therapy, Manicuring/Nail Technology, and Spa Therapy, so the possibilities are truly endless. Not only will you receive hands-on real world training from Aveda, you’ll be placed in roles from hairstylist to salon owner to interact with real clients to gain valuable, career expanding experience.

Around 7,000 students graduate every year from the Aveda Institutes’ Cosmetology Program. From the fashion runways of New York to hundreds of local neighborhoods, Aveda stylists practice virtually everywhere. In 1977, the first Aveda Institute opened its doors in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Today Aveda offers training programs in nearly 60 American cities, as well as Canada and Australia. Aveda Institutes students have gone on to accomplish their goals and more. They’re the salon owners, makeup artists and massage therapists who create the modern world of beauty. With the skills you learn at an Aveda Institute, you’ll be prepared to run your own business, work backstage at Fashion Week and provide caring, complete service for your guests.

Regency Beauty Institute

your cosmetology education

With 88 locations across the U.S., chances are that there is a Regency Beauty Institute relatively close to you. Each location offers a full cosmetology education, covering everything from makeup to hair. The Regency gives students a chance to learn in a salon environment with lots of hands-on experience that is invaluable to their careers.

Our favorite aspect of the Regency Beauty Institute is that classes begin on a monthly basis for full-time students, so the wait is never more than 30 days to begin your cosmetology education. An unbelievable 84% of Regency students receive some sort of financial aid.

The Regency Beauty Institute makes it possible for those from all walks of life to make their dreams come true, and to pursue a career in the exciting field of cosmetology and beauty. Regency Beauty Institute is the trusted brand behind the Studio Luma® program, an entirely new, research-based cosmetology teaching method designed to result in faster learning, better retention, greater mastery, and salon-ready students.

Studio Luma is only available at Regency Beauty Institute. Regency students use some of the industry’s top beauty brands in the classroom and the student salon. Students gain experience in variety of beauty school products so that when they graduate and enter the salon world, they’ll be prepared to master whatever line that salon carries.

Regency Beauty Institute instructors utilize MAC products during classroom lessons. Students use premium brands like OPI, Wella, Sebastian, Design Essentials and Bioelements.

Marinello Schools of Beauty

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Marinello Schools of Beauty has a total of 60 locations across the United States, with many campuses in California, Kansas, Connecticut, Utah, Nevada, and Massachusetts. The Marinello Schools of Beauty is the nation’s leading chain of beauty and cosmetology schools, providing an opportunity for students to learn on their own schedule from experienced instructors.

With day and evening courses available to students, Marinello gives students the flexibility to attend classes when it’s most convenient for them. This beauty school is accredited by NACCAS (the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences), and provides a wealth of financial aid options for students, for example, scholarships, grants, and even loans are available to help students cover educational expenses like books, tuition, and supplies.

The Marinello Schools of Beauty also devote time to help students gain employment after graduation, but this beauty school also provides training in resume writing, interview skills, and job search methods. Upon graduating from this Cosmetology Program, individuals will be prepared to take (and pass) the state board licensing exams to become licensed cosmetologists.

The Marinello Schools of Beauty offer a wide array of teaching tools that students have at their fingertips, like real-world salon experience, guest educators, and student competitions to push students to performing at their best.